Kriya Yoga Theory 1 Video Package


Kriya Yoga Theory 1 Video Package includes all eight classes and the outline booklet in pdf form.

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Kriya Yoga Theory 1 Video Package

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Get all eight class videos for $108.00

K8 Package or Kriya Yoga Theory 1 Video Package gives a comprehensive course that will help you get your arms around the science of Kriya Yoga. It provides a clear understanding of the goals and objectives behind Yoga– Union of the individual with the Divine; along with the physics of Spirituality. It includes the practices, supportive concepts of Kriya Yoga and the process in Human Development—Apotheosis (the process of the human becoming Divine); a complete guide in how to become a Human in the Adult State. Get the Light in your Soul! The course is perfect gift for anyone.

Kriya Yoga is Union with the Divine; “The eight essential stages of Yoga” are a complete holistic health management system that translate into a path of action, a path of knowledge, and a path of devotion. These lifestyle strategies are designed to initiate a process in physiological, psychological, and spiritual development that unfolds in three phases: pre-personal or unconscious awareness, personal or self-conscious awareness and transpersonal or super-conscious awareness. Total Consciousness is the goal of Yoga.” Kenneth Toy (Swami Jayananda) founder of the K8 Package to give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace in the privacy of home.

The first four stages of Kriya Yoga; Yama, Niyama, Asana, and Pranayama translate into practices. A path of Action, a path of Knowledge, and a path of Devotion. The last four stages of Kriya Yoga: Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi are the Process. The same practice at a different level of consciousness and degree of awareness. Humans have to be taught how to grow psychologically and spiritually; which means we can chronologically age and remain in an underdeveloped state. Join us and initiate your process in development and experience the benefits of Prana Power!