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Metaphysical Personal Training

Transformational Lifestyle Programs

One on one– individual attention. The mysteries of the universe have always been handed down from teacher to student.

Metaphysical Personal Training & Transformational Lifestyle Options:

Transformational Lifestyle Programs are Kriya Yoga presented as education in Divine Science. Apotheosis was the term used to describe the process of the human becoming divine. Initiate your process and find solutions.

There is a simple formula to life; how we think is what we become– everything is relative to this pivotal point. What we think, how we breath, what we drink, what we eat and how we exercise. All effect how we think, feel and perform. TLP includes methodology and process to enable a person to control how they think. By forsaking human thinking for Divine knowing the Truth of Being is revealed to you. Transformation is physics. Learn how to build your bridge to greater human potential. Buy Now

Metaphysical Personal Training Topics:

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Sessions can be geared toward:
Asana Development,
AstrologyLabyrinth, Addictions, Stress and Depression, Purification.

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When you can’t connect in person we have phone and online options to accommodate your interests.

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