a poster for the radio talk show on F.E.A,R. 3-1-21

F.E.A.R. is a radio talk show with the title F.E.A.R., False Experienced As Real.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show F.E.A.R., on 3-1-21.


Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about fear as the defense mechanism for the false sense of existence called “this world.” Listen as they discuss the idea of accepting Spiritual identity as a solution to any and all claims of false belief. In this show they will explore the scientific statement of being in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy 468:9 “There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.” Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the Light in your soul and live in the Truth of Being.

Notes: Show Transcript

  1. Fear is a defense mechanism for the false sense of reality (maya or illusion) and false sense relies on belief for its existence. “Knowing this truth will make us free, but while we are knowing it our thoughts and action must conform to the truth we are knowing. We cannot be denying the power of effect and the next minute indulge in it, or to put it more bluntly, we cannot deny the power of effect and then hate somebody or fear somebody because he is a part of that effect.” ~Joel S Goldsmith
  2. We are coming to the understanding that all fear based motivation is violation to Spiritual Law; if Spirit is all and all is Good what is there to fear. We are realizing that if Spiritual Life is the only Life and it is eternal– what is the human concept of life that is vulnerable and expires? The minute we accept a second life we step out of the One Real Life and are not under the protection of Divine Law.
  3. What are some examples of fear based motivation and to what extent do we rely on the sustaining Infinite? Worry is a good one to start with; a parent worrying about the child. We think we are doing a wonderful job but we have our back to the Divine Will and find we are not under the protection of Divine Law. It begins to become apparent we can’t be a mortal being and have Divine privileges. F.E.A.R.
  4. Herb Fitch in Revelation of St. John class 6A says, “The purpose of the mother is to open that child to the realization of Divine Life. And what the mother has been doing by all of her maternal materialistic guidance, is telling the child to obey something external to herself.” It all comes down to a belief in matter and sowing to the flesh which leads to death. As we say, like attracts like; without Spiritual identity we react to the five sense testimony believe in two powers and activate the law of karma.
  5. “Ask in my name” makes more sense when understood to mean Spiritual Identity; Spirit is whole, without needs, resides in unity with all Life and therefore no fear.
  6. Paramahansa Yogananda tells a story when he was with Sri Yukteswarji and it was time for him to beg for food. Yogananda had some reservations and asked his teacher what do I do if no one feeds me. The reply was, die! Because if no one feeds you there is no God and life without God is not worth living.
  7. Shifting identity from physical/mental to Spiritual is different than managing fear and maintaining physical/mental awareness. The litmus test is found when Spiritual identity is attained and we will not know what that can do for us, until we do it. Spirit dissolves everything that is not Spirit; so personal sense disappears in Spiritual light.


Experience is a radio talk show titled Inducing the God Experience.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show on Inducing the God Experience.


Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about some of the benefits of understanding Divine Science and what we can do to invite Divine Mind into conscious experience. In this show they will be talking about scriptural instructions like “keep my commandments,” “ask in My name,” “Love one another.” Listen as they discuss how to incorporate these practices into everyday living that demonstrates the presence of Divine Law. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the Light in your soul and experience Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence.


  1. What are some of the things we can do to invite Divine Creation into our experience. Vision quests, walkabouts, pilgrimages, fasting, asceticism, retreats, etc. seem to be human practices to induce the God experience.
  2. Today we do drugs and call it a rite of passage. Is this the God experience or just an altered state of consciousness. Are all altered states of consciousness the God experience or is there only One God experience and what does it look like when activated.
  3. What is experience? For most of us it is the testimony of our five senses because this is the method we usually live out from; sense level living and we use our corporeal senses to evaluate what is happening. The so called God experience is not on the sense level so we must do something called in the bible “repent” meaning think differently to induce the God experience.
  4. Denial of the five corporeal senses however doesn’t go far enough because S&H 552:19 Mary Baker Eddy “But thought, loosened from a material basis but not yet instructed by Science, may become wild with freedom and so be self-contradictory.” Use Truth to correct thought which will externalize as improved images is a major practice to induce the God experience.
  5. Herb Fitch in Living in the 4th Dimension 4B states talks about impersonalizing time, space, person and condition. What he means by impersonalize would be spiritualize or nothing-ize by tracing all back to cause or Spirit. Then he says, “”Now we are in the All-ness of Spirit, where God is all, and we are not denying that all-ness by interjecting another self, another being, another thing, another substance. There is one Life here, Spirit, God everywhere. And now I am in the state of a faithful witness. But I am that Life. I, too, am impersonalized. I am that Life which is called “God,” for there is only one. And this is the way out of cosmic television.”
  6. How does experience work? What we are perceiving on a human, corporeal sense level is mortal thought which is the world thought made visible and tangible then disguised as my thought. World thought is mortal thought or a divided consciousness of or about what is really is here which is Divine Creation. World thought originates from a belief in two powers a belief in something other than the One Divine Life. World view is a counterfeit or a shadow of the Truth; it is a reflection appearing but there is no life, truth, intelligence or substance in this reflection; in the same way there is no life, truth, intelligence or substance in the face appearing in the mirror before you. This reflection is on a larger scale but the same Principles are at work.
  7. Silence and Stillness induce the God experience when thought is instructed by Divine Mind and not hijacked by mortal thought or world mind.