Theory 1 Online

$169.00 (tax incl.)

Theory 1 online is a Kriya Yoga Starter Kit and great way to begin learning the Spiritual Science…

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Theory 1 Online – Kriya Yoga Theory 1 package

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Theory 1 Online Package: about this program; Kriya Yoga is the Union of the individual with the Divine get started with 8 Classes and 8 Videos for $169.00. Kriya Yoga Theory 1 is a comprehensive course that will help you get your arms around the science of Kriya Yoga. It provides a clear understanding of the goals and objectives behind Yoga along with the physics of Spirituality. It includes the practices, supportive concepts of Kriya Yoga and the process in Human Development—Apotheosis ( the process of becoming Divine) a complete guide in how to become a Human in the Adult State .Start now and Join us and get the light in your Soul!