Cherry Labyrinth

Wooden Labyrinth

$69.00 (tax incl.)

Get your Wooden Labyrinth to keep you in the grove with your Kriya Yoga practice.

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Labyrinth is an ancient Tool

These Meditation boards are used as a tool to raise consciousness. Originally designed as an exercise in concentration to balance energy and expand the conscious mind. It was developed from the two part philosophy “know thyself” and “nothing in excess.” The theory behind this exercise is enhanced by the use of Kriya Yoga and Astrology. These combined strategies will ensure the best return from all concentrated efforts.

Labyrinth of Wood: individually carved hand held wooden Labyrinths.  If you are looking for something to keep you in the groove while  you are balancing your chakras and expanding your conscious mind. These handsome natural wood Labyrinths– make it easy to concentrate and expand your conscious mind. More Information!