Labyrinth Booklet

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Get your Labyrinth Booklet and start balancing your chakras and expanding your mind. Download the pdf file.

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Transformational Lifestyle Concepts

Labyrinth Booklet is used with the TLC Labyrinth to achieve maximum results.

The TLC Labyrinth Booklet explains the Cretin Labyrinth and the specific system designed to balance the Chakras and Expand the conscious mind. It is linked with the sixth stage of Kriya Yoga concentration and will lead to a Meditative state. It is developed from the two part philosophy “know thyself” and “nothing in excess.” The theory behind the TLC Labyrinth is enhanced by the use of Kriya Yoga and Astrology; so that, the practice will ensure the best return from all concentrated efforts.

It works on the principle that energy follows mind and where we concentrate is where our energy goes. All imbalances and diseases are the result of preoccupation with certain departments of life and neglect in others. The effortful work of concentration becomes the effortless flow state of meditation with time and practice.