Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance Video Retreat Package 15

$56.00 (tax incl.)

Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance Video retreat package 2015 at Institute For Personal Development, Inc. “Kriya Yoga Ashram” is…

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Get all 7 Videos of theĀ  Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance 2015 Retreat in Costa Rica for $56.00

If you are serious about becoming United with your Divinity and experiencing Apotheosis— this may be exactly what you are looking for because Transformation isn’t an event it’s a process! What is a Spiritual Advance? In the same way one may take payment now on a check that hasn’t been issued yet but is due on a future date. A Spiritual Advance is a Spiritual practice that allows you to start collecting dividends before you actually leave home. Get all 7 Videos of the 2015 Retreat in Costa Rica.