Kriya Yoga Asana Class

Kriya Yoga Asana Class in Hampton

$9.00 - $85.00 (tax incl.)

Kriya Yoga Asana Classes are a module that fit into a bigger plan called Yoga. Yoga is the…

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Kriya Yoga Asana Classes  A button to get more information on the topic

Ongoing 1 hour classes that explore the relationship between your body, mind and spirit by learning and practicing traditional Kriya Yoga postures. Develop strength, flexibility, balance and endurance at your own pace. Internal support is a major theme in Kriya Yoga Asana; learn to lengthen and strengthen muscles and move bones into a position of support. a button to go to the live online classes.

Class with Reservation: $9.00
Drop in Rate: $12.00
Buy 10 Classes for $80.00
$85.00 monthly subscription
Personal Training $40.00 per hour