Fine Tuning Meditation Video

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Focus for five minutes and feel the benefits for the rest of the day.

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Fine Tuning Tour!

Fine Tuning— take the five minute tour of the seven facets of your mind. Labyrinth Hz is a way to use the frequencies that resonate to the chakras as an aid in fine tuning these energy centers. This exercise gets best results when we are mentally engaged during the flight. Focus for five minutes and feel the benefits for the rest of the day.

Fine Tuning labyrinth video is an exercise in concentration to help balance the energy centers and expand the conscious mind. This exercise includes a skillful use of sound. We use sound instinctually when we moan; which is typically when we are in pain or pleasure. What the body is doing is trying to bring itself back to balance. In this forum we use the frequencies that are associated with the energy converters in the astral body, to entrain them to a desired vibration. During the vibrational voyage it is helpful if you turn on your conscious mind and examine or inform each department. Concentration is the ability to block out unrelated matter to focus on the task at hand.

Transformational Lifestyle Concepts of IPD will facilitate the balancing of the chakras and the expansion of the conscious mind. The chakras are energy converters in the astral/mental body. This Transformational Program is an exercise in concentration.

The program of Fine Tuning contains:
An organized system for examining ourselves in the way we are created– know thy self.
An organized exercise designed to distribute energy evenly into each department of life– nothing in excess.

It works on the principle that energy follows mind and where we concentrate is where our energy goes. All imbalances and diseases are the result of preoccupation with certain departments of life and neglect in others. The effortful work of concentration becomes the effortless flow-state of meditation with time and practice.