Kriya Yoga Pranayama Class in Hampton


Pranayama is control of Prana “The Life Force” and Prana follows thought. Making thinking the number one essential need on a physical level. Reducing Breath to the number two position for essential needs. Join us and learn how to use breath to control Prana.

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KYPrana is a class in Pranayama. Pranayama means control of Prana; learn how to control your conscious mind. Discover the various modes of thinking with the corporeal sense of mind and the Divine Mind. Understand the relationship between breath and thought; and by controlling your breathing you can control your thinking and by controlling your thinking you can shape your reality.
KYPrana as a Kriya Yoga Pranayama Class becomes a wonderful opportunity to develop self control and self mastery of the mortal sense of life in order to walk reason through the open door of Revelation. By controlling mortal mind which forms thoughts and opinions based on information coming through the physical senses. Then attuning conscious awareness to the Divine Mind we learn to stop thinking and start Knowing. The material world is a mental image and the more Divinely mental the more harmonious and indestructible it appears. We separate from duality and the mental/material concept of life and join with Truth and Wholeness. This is taught as changing how we are thinking in the Spiritual Science forum.
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Class with Reservation: $10.00
Drop in Rate: $15.00
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$85.00 monthly subscription
Personal Training $40.00 per hour