Kriya Yoga Asana Video Package

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KA PKG is the Kriya Yoga Asana Video Package deal. Get all six Kriya Yoga Asana Classes for $80.00.

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KA PKG is the Kriya Yoga Asana Video Package

KA PKG is the Kriya Yoga Asana Video Package deal where you get all six classes on video for one low price.
Class 1 – Detailed Beginning and End of Class
Class 2 – Warriors and Triangles
Class 3 – Hip Series
Class 4 – Shoulder Series
Class 5 – Seated Series
Class 6 Lunge Series

Kriya Yoga Asana Program is a system of exercise that uses the geometry of the physical body to lengthen and strengthen muscles which brings the bones into a position of internal support. These exercises have procedure and intention. However, the physical postures are a module that fits into this master plan called “Yoga” leading to Total Consciousness. When we include the internal mental work of training the mind to serve Spirit and training the body to serve the mind with the symbol of Spirit, then matter and mind come together with new information. Because, the outer world of sense and the inner world of Spirit become One when Divine Truth is the only consciousness.

Exercise that will develop a relationship between your body and mind. Get the body and mind to work together and build a bridge to your greater potential– Spirit. Asana is an essential practice that fits into the master plan leading to Samadhi or Total Consciousness.

How we think is what we become– the physical body is a manifestation of the mind. The physical body is a collection of thought patterns referred to as cellular memory. Postures are a system of exercise designed to write cellular memory and create changes.

The physical postures in Yoga are one of the few systems of exercise that accommodate the component of balance or alignment in fitness. Learn to plug into the wisdom of your body, lengthen and strengthen your muscles while bringing your bones into position.

KA PKG Kriya Yoga Asana Video Package. Get all six Kriya Yoga Asana Videos for $80.00

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