A poster for the radio talk show titled Nothing Lives in Duality.

No Duality

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show titled Nothing Lives in Duality.
Lisa and Kenny on the radio July 2024

No Duality:

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about duality as the belief in two powers and a violation to the Divine Law of One Power. In this show they will discuss the nothingness of the mental/material world of energy and its cancelling appearance of opposite forces. Listen as they explain Life as purely Spiritual without beginning nor end never to be confused by a temporary sense of mortal life. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the Light in your Soul and experience the Spirit of Oneness.


1. At first it may seem like a distant possibility that what the world calls life isn’t life or living at all. As one begins to challenge the current collective consensus about terms like Life, Religion, God, Death they may question the direction humanity is taking. Like Herb Fitch told us in Revelation of St. John “challenging your concept of God isn’t being unfaithful to God, it removes the insult.” And what I consider to be a better guide for understanding God and the Divine creation– “Two essential points of Christian Science are, that neither Life nor man dies, and that God is not the author of sickness.” Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures 349:10. Moving out of the belief in mortality starts with a willingness to challenge the collective consensus and look beyond the limits of the five corporeal senses. As science tells us underlying matter is energy, and underlying energy is the void. This void can be explained with words like God, the Kingdom of Heaven, the nothing out of which everything appears, consciousness or better pure consciousness. What we know about it is that It is Whole, Absolute, and not dualistic or in half and without a conscious awareness of It there is no Principle to what we call life. So today we will talk about why we can’t or don’t live in duality; we only think we do.
2. The entire human experience is a hypnotic state driven by a belief in two powers and this is why we call it duality, or double minded. The bottom line is nothing is whole everything is in half and it is an ever ending never ending thought loop perpetuated by opposite forces appearing as this world.
3. The half way, 50% mental/material world of make believe. The more conscious one becomes of the Divine Omnipresence the less impressed they are with the appearance, conditions, fluctuations, of a good and evil world of imagination. To help us awaken from the hypnotic state we have a sound bite from Herb Fitch Realization of Oneness Class 26B – Play the soundbite.
4. Mary Baker Eddy S&H 239:23-32 “Mortal mind is the acknowledged seat of human motives. It forms material concepts and produces every discordant action of the body. If action proceeds from the divine Mind, action is harmonious. If it comes from erring mortal mind, it is discordant and ends in sin, sickness, death. Those two opposite sources never mingle in fount or stream. The perfect Mind sends forth perfection, for God is Mind. Imperfect mortal mind sends forth its own resemblances, of which the wise man said, “All is vanity.”
Herb Fitch La Jolla Series Class 5B “To walk circumspectly means to walk into new dimensions. That is why the very next phrase reads as follows. “Walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise.” And then he adds something that you don’t find in Moffat. Again, ”Redeeming the time,” redeeming the time, not as fools who live in time, but as the enlightened. Not as fools who live in separated bodies but as the wise, the initiated who know that time does not exist in the Spirit of God.
Paul is actually telling us one of the deepest truths that we will ever learn while we are walking this earth. Your Spirit, is indivisible in space, and that is one of the great exercises you’ll be practicing this month, but here’s your second exercise; your Spirit is also indivisible in time. “Walk ye circumspectly redeeming the time.” As Spirit you must accept yourself to be indivisible in time and in space.”

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