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Discover Life

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show Discovering the Tree of Life.
Lisa and Kenny on the radio February 2024

Discover Life:

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the Divine Creation as the only true Reality when the belief in the mental/material world of good and evil is overcome. Listen as they discuss why Divine Law can only function in Divine Life and how the concept of matter dissolves in the light of Divine Truth. In this show they will explain the differences between sowing to the flesh and sowing to the Spirit.  Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the Light in your Soul and stop believing in the many.


  1. What is the Tree of Life? In Genesis it is the prescription for a successful Life provided it is what is ingested for sustenance. One bite from any other tree is death. As we open our minds beyond the symbolism into a active model we see the Tree of Life is Life Itself. The omnipresent Spirit everywhere always. Self-existent Life, Perfect, Whole, Changeless. The only Life there is in Truth. Everywhere and in everything; yet it can’t be seen with the mortal mind.
  2. Why do we need to discover what is everywhere in everything? Here is something from Herb Fitch RSJ 3A, More from Herb Fitch RSJ 3A, “Now the hard truth is going to hurt, because it is the straightest and most narrow way imaginable. The hard truth is that you must live by Divine Thought and you are not capable of thinking Divine Thought. There is no human mind in this world that can think Divine Thought. Only the Mind of God can think Divine Thought and unless Divine Thought is governing your life, you are in a separate stream of human thought and that is a separate life which does not know the perfection and harmony of the Divine. You must surrender your thought to the Divine. There must be a place where Divine Thought and your thought are one and the same. There must be a place where I take no thought, not even for my life, because Divine Thought is my thought. God is thinking through me. You see, that is the Tree of Life.”
  3. More from Herb Fitch RSJ 3A, “Freedom is the unveiling of the hypnosis. It is the reversal of hypnosis. Freedom is the realization that the things which take place in my mind, in my human mind, are not happening except in my human mind. You say that’s a hard teaching. Yes, it is the hardest teaching there is: That whatever is happening in your mind is not happening anywhere else, except in your mind. And that your dominion lies only in taking dominion over your mind. Your mind has got to see sickness, has got to know sickness, and has got to accept sickness as a reality, because it has no way of seeing God. Your mind has no way of experiencing God, Itself. The best your mind can do is form a concept of God, and the concepts that you form, are not under the Law of the Father. God does not govern your human concepts. God does not enter into your human concepts. God enters only into Divine Activity. And the veil is, our mind believing that its thought is reality.”
  4. The Tree of Life is the first Spiritual Purpose or capacity given in Revelations. It is first because it is the Principle which governs Divine Law the Law of One Power. It can be symbolized by the Christ or the saving aspect of Truth because it makes the Divine Creation comprehensive to human consciousness.
  5. Working with the 7 Churches or 7 Chakras or 7 CS words for Lord’s House gives a plan to discover life.
  6. Seven Churches; Seven Purposes; Seven Candlesticks; Seven Stars, seven Gifts, seven Spirits:
    Ephesus: (Principle) is self-existence. Divine existence, Infinite, is speaking to Divine Existence in you.

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