Stage 2 Niyamas

Kriya Yoga Niyama


Niyamas are the observances defined as purification, contentment, austerity, sacred study, and attunement to the Absolute. Greater Human potential isn’t magic; it is physics. Like attracts like, and two things can’t occupy the same space at the same time. When we incarnate, we draw from matter and mind, which is fear and limitation. We must purify ourselves from the unnecessary dependencies and then replace them with Spirit, which is truth and wholeness. As niyama explains, if we draw from fear and limitation, we become fear and limitation. If we draw from truth and wholeness, we become Spirit!

  • Observances – Niyamas
    • Purity -Shaucha
    • Contentment – Santosha
    • Austerity – Tapas
    • Self Study – Svadhyaya
    • Attunement to the Absolute – Ishvar Pranidhana

Purpose: The niyamas are designed to distill, strengthen, and cultivate a person’s ability to control psychic energy through the development of the Will as a psychological function. The Process Practice makes perfect only when practice is perfect.

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Yoga Nutrition: A lifestyle plan built to Transform!

Nutrition isn’t just what we put in our mouths. Religion and Yoga are simple instructions; strategies, in how to separate from one source of sustenance (particles and waves; fear and limitation; duality, food, mother, approval etc.) and reconnect to another source of sustenance the Life Force (the indivisible unified field, the Void, Nothing, God etc.) We are what we desire! Nutrition as a path to Enlightenment.

With this Program you get…

The opportunity to speak to a modern day Magi (the priests/astrologers who found Jesus) Kenneth Toy is Swami Jayananda an ordained Kriya Yoga priest and certified Astrologer who has been living and practicing Yoga for 44 years.
What to Expect in a Session:
Evaluation of your “Spiritual” practice measured against the tried and true Kriya Yoga Scientific format. This comparison is applicable to any and all organized religions or mystical systems such as– Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Taoist, Yoga, Martial Arts, Astrology, Reiki, etc. We have tangible guidelines for all levels from beginner to advanced.

Guidance in recommended changes based on these comparisons. Nutrition comes in many forms beside food. Bad habits set up limitations and we do not move past them, until we correct them; living is subject to these rules, if we don’t think right, breath right, hydrate, eat right or exercise right we will have limitations. We offer suggestions on all levels of sustenance including food!
Education in the physics of Spirituality and Apotheosis– the process of the human becoming Divine. Clear instruction in how to go from a human in the larvae state into the human in the adult state. Spirituality isn’t magic, an intellectual accomplishment, or a technique; its relativity, cause and effect, nutrition. In these sessions, you learn how to transform from the victim to the creator and bridge the gap between ancient religion and modern science. How to become powered by Prana!

Like attracts like; draw from fear and limitation and that’s what you become. Draw from Truth and Wholeness and that’s what you become. Prey on Prana!

Kriya Yoga prescription for food is:

1. First choice of food are foods that get there nourishment from the sun. Fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts and legumes. Eaten with basic combination considerations.

2. Second choice of food are animals that get there nourishment from food that get their nourishment from the sun.

3. Third choice of food are animals that eat other animals. Void of Caffeine, Nicotine, Alcohol, and Refined Sugars.

The Program Outline:

1. Skillful Use of Thought
a. Thinking Right.
b. Heliotherapy getting enough Sunlight.
c. Sleep getting enough rest and connection with the Unified Field.

2. Skillful Use of Breath
a. Breathing Right maximum volume of O2.
b. Breathing exercises to calm or energize the body; regulate the rate of thought.

3. Skillful Use of Water
a. Hydration is important in maintaining homeostasis.
b. Hydration to maintain systems in the body.

4. Skillful Use of Food
a. What we eat (Yoga recommends Vegan Diet void of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, refined sugars).
b. When we eat (Time of the day, how many meals, etc.).
c. How we eat (Food combinations what can be eaten with what).

5. Skillful Use of Exercise
a. Four components to fitness strength, flexibility, balance (alignment), and endurance.
b. We use a plan to address all aspects.