Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy Before New Moon in Taurus

Divine Mercy is a radio talk show discussing the difference between Mercy used as a currency as opposed to a pardon or relief from obligation.

a picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio show on Divine Mercy 2.

Divine Mercy 

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the upcoming events of Divine Mercy Sunday followed by the New Moon on 4/26/17. Listen as they discuss Divine Mercy as a form of currency and not some sort of pardon or relief from an obligation.  Then they will talk about how to use the New Moon in Taurus as a new beginning. Learn how to upgrade your values by changing how you think, what you feel, and believe. Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance get the Light in your soul and experience the benefits of a resource based economy.
1. The visual that I have here is that Divine Mercy is more the form of currency and not some sort of Pardon or relief from an obligation.
2. The key is to see the difference between to two views.
3. Things change dramatically when we experience God as a source of sustenance as opposed to an authoritarian figure.
4. A conduct based belief system versus a resource based system. Let’s look at the concept of forgiveness of sin. An incident that can be excused (conduct). A situation that must be corrected (resource). Pray for forgiveness or Prey on Prana.
5. The authoritarian view is all imagined and unreal.
6. The source of sustenance is experiential and real. Develop a resource based economy as opposed to a solely monetary based economy. Gives new meaning to the saying, “God helps those who help themselves.”
7. The grace of God is the force right now supporting your life and not a gift to help me cope with the world.
8. One perspective is entirely mental; the other has tangibility. The goal is to feel connected to the Life Force.
9. The practice of Kriya Yoga creates internal support with a real connection to the Divine. To enable the practitioner to move beyond the mental and imagined into a grounded experience.
10. The key here is Love; what is Love? We all have God’s Love but we don’t feel it until we Love God. This new Moon is a new beginning and may be a good time to start to feel the presence of the Lord.
11. Next week we will talk about National Prayer Day.

Easter Earth

Easter and Earth Day the Breakdown

Easter Earth is a radio talk show discussing the value of grounding the Easter Myth.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show on Easter and Earth Day.

Easter Earth

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the upcoming events of Easter Sunday and Earth Day. In this show they will discuss the Christian Myth found in the Resurrection of the Son; not as something to believe but something to do. Listen as they explain how to use Earth Day to ground a very lofty and essential life theme. Apotheosis isn’t magic; its physics. Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance get the Light in your soul and experience the benefits of true Transformation.

1. Easter marks the resurrection of the Son which is followed by the reunion with the Father. This was the answer to the Uranus Myth. The castration of the Father by the conspiracy from the great mother (Moon) and her son Saturn.
2. The symbolism of the Earth in Mythology. The middle world between the Underworld and Olympus. The concept of grounding Spirituality.
3. The initial part of manifestation is feeling the reality while asking for whatever we want. This is the path of descending Prana from Moon to Saturn.
4. Asking for what we want in the language the universe understands. Saturn to Sun the realization of Spirit. Answer the question: What does it profit a person to gain the whole world but lose their soul?
5. This is how creation is taking place. It was explained in Revelations by the Beast, the False Prophet, and the Middle Road. Ida, Pingala, and Susumna. We create our reality by the thoughts we think, the feelings we harbor, the beliefs we accept, and the scenes we rehearse in the studio of our minds.
6. Spiritualization of Matter is so much more than what we think we know about “Religion.” Spiritual Reality is a practical guide for effective living. I can’t believe what has happened to it.
7. Religion or Union with the Divine is instruction in how to become the creator of your reality.
8. The crucifixion of the body is necessary for the resurrection of the Son. How to overcome the conspiracy coming from the instincts of the body. The antidote to the castration myth.
9.The quantum leap of going from knowing to doing. Giving new meaning to the statement, release and let God.

Religious Holidays

Religious Holidays and Union with the Divine

Religious Holidays is a radio talk show discussing the importance and value of Union with the Divine for effective living.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show on Religious Holidays

Religious Holidays

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the upcoming holidays of Palm Sunday, Passover, and Good Friday. Listen as they explain the importance of Religion for the betterment of Humanity. Just because the institutions that have taken over “Religions” are failing; doesn’t negate the necessity of Union with the Divine. They will explain how “re-linking with Spirit” becomes a practical guide for highly effective living. Spirituality isn’t magic; it is physics. Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance get the Light in your soul and experience the benefits of Apotheosis.

1. The key here for me is Religion; the relinking of the individual to the Divine. A clear instruction to do something.
2. So for me, Religion is a practice to initiate a process– Apotheosis is the procedure for this experience.
3. The process is a rebirthing of the individual into the Divine– not just a declaration but instruction to make a change. The 3 phases of development– found in the Hero’s Journey; separation, journey, and the return.
4. Matthew 18:1-4 He called a little child and had him stand among them. And He said “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”
5. The point of the comparison– become like little children has more to do with a child’s trusting spirit, as well as willingness to be dependent and receive from others, than any inherent humility the child might possess.
6. Passover marked the beginning of the Exodus from exile in Egypt. The Separation the leaving of one source of sustenance (symbolized possibly by the parting of the red sea).
7. The Christian Myth at this time follows suite with the Crucifixion of the Body, the Resurrection of the Son, and the Reunion with the Father.
8. Don’t make the same mistake our organized Religions did and fall into intellectualism and get all caught up in the “story” and miss the point of the instruction. A ritual is only as good as its result.
9. Next week is Easter and then Earth day.

World Health

A poster for the radio show on World Health and Union with the Divine.

World Health and Union with the Divine

World Health is a radio talk show that explains the importance of Union with the Divine for world health.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the World Health radio show

World Health

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the position the Kriya Yoga Ashram will take concerning World Health Day. Listen as they breakdown health into the different strategies practiced to obtain Union with the Divine. This show will focus on the missing role of the Trinity in achieving global health and happiness. Being healthy and happy may be easier than you imagined. Yes, you can indulge yourself and increase your vitality. Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance get the Light in your soul and experience the benefits of preying on Prana.

1. What does it mean to be healthy? Optimal health based on our beliefs. It will all come down to what we believe; and on a deeper level what we desire. A good question to ask yourself at this time is. Am I getting what I want?
2. Am I happy with what I am attracting to myself?
3. What are my values and what are my goals? Remember there is an innate drive in us all– we want to be whole.
4. Are the choices I am or am not making serving my highest good? In this model eternal happiness is my highest good.
5. What is it that makes me happy? And What is it that makes me healthy? Is there a conflict here. If so, you are not putting God first.
6. Many say, “there is an intelligence that will take care of your body if you let it alone.” I think of this “intelligence” as the God principle or subconscious mind or the void or nothing out of which everything comes. For me, this is what union with the Divine has to do with health.
7. How the conscious mind interferes with this “intelligence” or subconscious mind. We develop limiting beliefs through the 5 sense evidence– based on outer appearances.
8. Beliefs that are developed from a God based reality system is very different than a belief in God.
9. Stand in fear and we stand to lose! These are the beliefs we develop from a particle or wave based reality system combined with a belief in God. This is how we become disconnected from the “intelligence” that will take care of your body.
10. A huge portion of our diseases are lifestyle related. We don’t think right, we don’t breath right, we are not hydrated with clean water, the foods we eat are not providing adequate nourishment, we don’t exercise right. Then we ask our doctor why we are unhealthy and unhappy; and so the cycle continues.
11. Practice Kriya Yoga and become healthy, happy and whole!
12. Next week, Palm Sunday, Siblings Day, Passover, and Good Friday.

Brave Moon

A poster for the radio show on the Brave Moon on 3/27/17.

New Moon in Aries brings Bravery

The Brave Moon is a radio talk show discussing the New Moon on 3/27/17 in Aries and how this lunation will bring action.

a picture of the astrology chart for the Brave Moon in Aries,

Brave Moon

This Brave Moon: Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the New Moon which will happen at 10:58 PM EDT on 3/27/17. That’s today! .  The New Moon is a time for new beginnings and this one will be in Aries. Aries is notorious for quick starts with very little follow up. Listen as they explain the tee square to Pluto in Capricorn in the second house; how to use the energy available to us. Where there is a will there is a way. They will discuss how we can all develop capabilities and skills. Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance get the Light in your soul and experience the Power of Prana.

Key Notes:

1. New Moon is a new beginning and Aries is a great beginner. One aspect is Venus is inconjunct the North Node of the Moon. This is a stress aspect and where there is material gain there is Spiritual loss.
2. The Tee square to Pluto in Capricorn in the Second house may provide some urgency to transform your values, reputation, public image, or threaten your resources. And with Mars trine Pluto we may get some help from our personal desires.
3. Mercury is conjunct Uranus bringing new insights into new ideas and it may be concerning what we like to do for fun. Sending energy to the Pluto.
4. Managers aren’t born they are made! Everything and anything can be developed– were there is a will there is a way.
5. What is it that we do for fun? We may find the answer to this question seems unusual. I enjoy cleaning the house, washing the car, cooking dinner, etc. We can actually, develop ourselves to acquire a taste for these things.
6. Eleventh house Jupiter in Libra is opposing the Uranus Mercury and Squaring the Pluto. Lofty aspirations in the area of hopes, dreams, and unique talent. Possibly learning that making things fun may be a part of my unique talent.
7. Saturn in Sagittarius is trine Uranus Mercury in Aries giving some emphasis on the value of Aspirations. Take advantage of the new insights for new ideas to help form your newest goals.

Final Points: 

8. Again development of the higher mind is a possibility. Start cultivating your mind and mental functions. Control your mind and you create your reality.
9. It all comes down to the thoughts we think, the feelings we harbor, the beliefs we accept and the scenes we rehearse in the studios of our minds.  Open yourself up to endless possibilities and in many cases different outcomes.
10. Bravery is a characteristic that can help us grow and move beyond what is safe, familiar, comfortable and known. Try doing something new it is exhilarating.


a poster for the radio show on Happiness.

Happiness and Union with the Divine

Happiness is a feeling and it is associated with a thing, thought, or a connection with the Divine. What we desire and what makes us happy determines our nature.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show on Happiness.

Happiness and Union with the Divine

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about International Day of Happiness. Listen as they break down happiness into varying degrees of enjoyment. Not all happiness is equal. There is a difference based on the laws of attraction. What we are attracted to will determine our nature and our fate. There is a distinction between worldly, intellectual, and eternal happiness. Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance get the Light in your soul and experience the benefits of Eternal Happiness.

Key Points:

1. First of all,  happiness is a feeling that is associated with a symbol– it is the gratification of a desire. We can’t have a feeling without a thing, thought, or a conscious connection to the Void.

2. Thesaurus and you get– contentment, pleasure, gladness, cheerfulness, joy, glee, bliss, delight, exhilaration, and ecstasy.

3. Compare it to looking up Nervous System; it then opens up into voluntary NS and involuntary NS. Then it opens up into Central NS, and the Peripheral NS, and the PNS can be expanded into the Somatic NS, Autonomic NS, Enteric NS. And the Autonomic NS which consists of the sympathetic NS, parasympathetic NS and the subject becomes complex. Thus you can see how things get complex.

4. Happiness for me is complex subject. I think the feeling of being happy is central what makes it complex is what can make us happy.

More Key Points:

5. Happy is what we move towards and what we desire.

6. What makes us happy becomes our nature. There is a difference between worldly, intellectual, and eternal happiness. This break down give us a better way to understand the different words associated with joy.

7. Here we look at words associated with worldly delight like contentment, pleasure, gladness are . Words associated with intellectual joy like cheerfulness, joy, glee, and delight. And words associated with the experience of eternal peace– bliss, exhilaration and ecstasy.

8. These feelings can correspond with phases in development– the unconscious awareness of a human in the larvae state embroiled in the physical world of particles. The self-conscious awareness of the human in the chrysalis state lost in the astral/mental world of waves or energy. The super-conscious awareness of the human in the adult state thriving on the Life Force in the arms of Spirit.

9. Prey on Prana and experience the bliss, wonder, awe of being in tandem with the Life Force– the nothing which is pure, powerful, and sacred.

10. Next week we will talk about the New Moon in Aries.


A poster for the radio show Discussing the Mythology of Religious Holidays.

Discussing the Mythology of Religious Holidays

Mythology is a radio talk show discussing the mythology of religious holidays. Talking about the underlying theme of an event that is central to all humans.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio show on Points and Rites of Passage and Discussing Mythology of Religions.


Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about some of the current events happening this month and dig out the Mythology of the events. They will be looking at Daylight Savings Time and the Jewish holiday of Purim. Purim is considered to be a joyous Holiday often accompanied by celebrations, plays, festive food and costume parties. Listen as they examine, the Hindu festival of Holi, Pi Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Spring Equinox. Holi is the ancient Hindu Festival of Love and also known as the Festival of Colors.    Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance get the Light in your soul and experience the Power of Prana.

Key Points:

1. Daylight Savings time and Purim the approach of Spring is a time for celebration.
2. Purim is a celebration that comes out of the escape of death– Haman was planning on killing all the Jewish people in Persia. The myth of celebrating life because of death.
3. A simple theme but it gives each and every one of use reason to celebrate– you are alive. So get over yourself and start living!
4. Spring is the symbol of New Life and daylight savings time is a lead in to Spring. A sign that spring is on its way.
5. The Tibetan’s say, none learn to live until they learn to die. Death and the threat or reality of a pending doom is a catalyst to get living.
6. Holi is the festival that symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.
7. The procession of light overcoming darkness and the cycle of death and rebirth. Out of the ashes and the gray of winter comes new life and the colors of spring.
8. The simple act of participation with the changing of the season has a strong effect on a person.
9. Today we don’t have attention for the environment and our surroundings we are too busy looking at our phones or computers or TV’s and we are depressed. Devices don’t have seasons it is a constant influence and lulls us into denial of death.
10. Lack motivation and enthusiasm for life. Take a look around you and start living! What is the ultimate triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and life over death. Apotheosis! I am eternal and I have transcended the cycle of death and rebirth.
11. Next week International Day of Happiness.

Women’s Day

International Women’s Day for Kriya Yoga 2

Women’s Day is a radio show discussing the importance of the feminine principle which is much greater than the female gender.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio show on the 10 Commandments and Women's Day.

Women’s Day

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the concept of women and men; based on Kriya Yoga principles. Male and female, positive and negative, dark and light are all great indicators of the interplay between matter and mind. They will shed more light on the statement; “the woman must be subservient to the man” by taking the statement out of role playing into an inner dynamic. They will explain why this is a non-gender based insight but instead, important information for both men and women. Listen and learn how to understand scripture as instruction to becoming a whole person– woman or man.   Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance get the Light in your soul and become a whole person. 

Women’s Day Key Points:

  1. The key to understanding polarity is not to take it personal. Men and women are ways of identifying principles.
  2. In the bible, “the women must be subservient to the man” is a powerful statement but it’s not about role playing in the community. It is instruction for both men and women.  Women’s Day.
  3. The feminine principle (instinct, appetite, survival etc.) must be subservient to your masculine principle (intelligence).
  4. Principle centered behavior is above emotion. Jesus walked on water (the human, potential to be intelligent, is above water, symbol for the feminine.
  5. Lao Tzu rides the bull same thing intelligence is above the animal.
  6. The thing we want to understand that the human has the capacity to resonate to many different levels of consciousness but fundamentally there are 3 major choices– animal, human, and Divine.
  7. Celebrate your passion– the feminine principle. Matter and mind need each other; you don’t want to suppress either but you want to express feeling with intelligence.
  8. Intelligence without feeling is cold and calculating. Feeling without intelligence is perilous; addictive compulsive behavior, violence, emotionality.
  9. Mythology uses images like a person turned into an animal– Cerci turned Odysseus‘s men into swine.
  10. Remember the body has power; so celebrate your power (the feminine principle) and the mind has vision (intelligence the masculine principle) . Whether you are a man or a woman we have both principles.
  11. Assimilating the relationship between the body and the mind– using clues from the body to help us understand the mind, objective and subjective views.
  12. Evolution of the feeling state: excitable to ambitious to enthusiastic.

Carnival 2017

The Feast of Mardi Gras for Yogis Today

Carnival 2017 is a radio talk show discussing a different way of celebrating the feast of Mardi Gras. A better use of Yoga, that can be applied to everyday life.

a poster for the radio shows that talked about Green Monday and Advent. plus Carnival 2017

Carnival 2017

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the “Feast” and the concept of Mardi Gras. They will discuss the origins of the word “Carnival” as a “farewell to flesh” and look into the deeper meaning of this tradition. Listen as they explain, how being “Spiritual” isn’t abstinence but indulgence. They will show how the real Yogi literally desires and delights in “Nothing.” They will talk about the benefits of being addicted to “Nothing” and how to use Kriya Yoga to actualize the experience.  Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the light in your soul to start your personal Prana Addiction.

1. Farewell to flesh is the origins of the word carnival. It almost seems like we are 180 degrees from the original intention of the word.
2. I believe the missing piece to the puzzle is the concept of conversion. Going from a human who preys on particles and waves into a human who preys on Prana.
3. It seems when you miss the point from the beginning then nothing will ever line up. Hence, we indulge ourselves in food and drink and call it a feast.
4. Unless you convert to a human preying on Prana you don’t understand the attraction.
5. Billy Joel has a line in one of his records, “they are sharing a drink we call loneliness but it is better than drinking alone.” Is this the consolation prize?
6. Kriya Yoga is a much better alternative to eating and drinking; when it is understood correctly.
7. Offense is your best defense! When you are drawing from something that is pure, powerful, and sacred plus it is producing the feeling of bliss, wonder, and awe. It is easy to withdraw from the things that were producing cravings.
8. Literally becoming addicted to what you really do “need.” Becoming addicted to “Nothing” is the secret to life. True freedom! Liberation!
9. Kriya Yoga is exactly this– Union of the Individual with the Divine! Love God, Desire Nothing, or Use what you NEED to produce the feeling you are OK. Different ways of saying the same thing–Prey on Prana!
10. Rebirthing the body in the Life Force– isn’t just useless advice but a real experience that has an evidence procedure. Apotheosis is real when you follow the directions.

Eclipse 2-17

a picture of the astrology chart for the Solar Eclipse 2-17

Solar Eclipse 2/26/17 at 9:58 AM EST

Eclipse 2-17 is the union of the Sun, Moon, and Earth a symbolic joining of Spirit, Mind, and Matter the quintessential goal of Kriya Yoga. For the full report of the Solar Eclipse click here!

Eclipse 2-17

The Solar Eclipse is the New Moon phase of a 2 year, 2 month, and 28 day cycle that can be plotted in an Ephemeris ( a book of planetary placements for a period of time).  By locating the phases of the Moon that correspond (within orb) with the degree and zodiacal sign, of the original Eclipse point.

Phases of the Moon that correspond with 8 degrees Pisces, 12 minutes:
New Moon Phase – 2/26/17 – 8 Pisces 12 – The seed is in the ground.
First Quarter Moon – 11/26/17 – 4 Pisces 38 – The seed sprouts the ground.
Full Moon Phase – 8/26/18 – 3 Pisces 12 – The sprout flowers in full bloom.
3rd Quarter Moon – 5/26/19 – 5 Pisces 9 – The flower wilts sending new seed to the ground.

The chart below is a list of the transits of the Sun and Mars to the Solar Eclipse point 8 Pisces 12. These transits can be triggers for events, circumstances, and or situations to assist you in looking for the Myth of the Solar Eclipse. The Myth is a central theme that will be very specific and individual to what the Eclipse means for you. For the full report of the Solar Eclipse click here!

a chart of transits of the Sun and Mars to the Eclipse 2-17

The primary intention of this practice is to be able to determine the difference between a secular practice of Yoga from a Spiritual practice of Yoga. It is essential to understand that a practice can only be one or the other but never both. A Spiritual practice of Yoga isn’t something that happens to us by accident– it is a conscious decision and has a very specific result. Unlike a lot of the obscure language that is thrown around in the new age yoga and celebrity spiritual communities– Kriya Yoga is an exact science. Nothing “Spiritual” happens because of an astrological event. The astrological event is only an opportunity for one who is trained and prepared to participate with the energy available at that given moment.
The Solar Eclipse (Eclipse 2-17) is the union of Sun, Moon, and Earth and symbolizes the joining of Spirit with mind and matter. We will call this dynamic the Union of the individual with the Divine. Another way of saying this is rebirthing of the body into Spirit. On a pragmatic level it translates into “using what you need to produce the feeling in your body that you are ok.” This means that we must “transform” from a human using particles or wave (things visible and tangible or things invisible but tangible), into a human using “Void” or “Nothing” (the invisible and intangible source of sustenance); for validation.
This internal connection is what we call “getting the Light in your Soul,” or Initiation– the moment we begin using the Life Force (Void, Nothing, God, Unified Field, etc.) as the symbol our body uses to produce the feeling it is alright (Santosha – Contentment). Then your practice of Yoga is now a Spiritual Practice. Everything else is secular.

1. One of the biggest benefits of Initiation is Collective Purpose. A reason to be alive other than just stay alive. You can’t experience Apotheosis and not want to share it with the world.
2. Getting the Light in your Soul means you will receive virtue to overcome fear, wisdom to overcome ignorance, enthusiasm to overcome laziness, and purpose to overcome selfishness.
3. The difference between pretending to be Spiritual and being Spiritual is found in what you champion.
4. The use of Mantra can be similar to the use of duck calling in hunting. The basic purpose is nourishment or food. Sustenance is the underlying goal– to use Prana as the source of renewal.
5. Making the physical body a temple to house the Holy Spirit. The environment must be suitable for the Life Force. Clean and Quiet for Eclipse 2-17. For the full report of the Solar Eclipse click here!